Analyzing the language and writing

Any intelligent organism need of a rich language to can transmit the knowledge between members of the group. If each member had to discover all the knowledge by himself again, it will be a big limitation to until where the knowledge can evolve.

The language should contain concepts of quantity, size, distance, measure, time, actions and nouns, at least and can be based on sounds or gestures.

A rich language is a prerequisite to any form of life that intend to conquer the space.

Of course, have a rich language is not enough. It is necessary to register the knowledge not only to facilitate the query and retrieve but to avoid loss and adulteration. To do this some form of writing is necessary.

The form of writing can be based on an alphabet (used to represent sounds, words and ideas) or on pictograms/ideograms/logograms (where each symbol represents an icon or idea or word).

The alphabet-based representation is more flexible and easy to learn, but less concise than the pictographic representation.


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