Analyzing the environmental prerequisites

An intelligent form of life should be energetically efficient to release as much energy as possible into the thinking process.

Obviously, an intelligent organism must be pluricellular and complex, having specialized cells that may be responsible for the thinking process itself, such as our neurons.

A stationary and intelligent organism can’t do more than contemplate the Universe. Even if this organism exists it will be difficult to find it. So let’s think about an organism that can move itself.

This organism must live in a dry environment with some particular characteristics for these reasons:

  • In a liquid environment the organism can move itself in all the 3 dimensions which make the need for technology disposable.
  • A liquid environment makes the stars invisible or less visible. Trying to relate the processes on the planet and the sky is the primary source of knowledge.
  • The star that dominate the stellar system should not be too luminous, leaving the planet’s sky with many stars visible.
  • A reasonable atmosphere should exist to protect the organism from spatial events (such as meteors, radiation, etc.).
  • The planet must have day and night or be illuminated by a little bright star that leaves the stars visible all the time.
  • A relatively long year with seasons.
  • A challenging and dangerous environment with tectonic plates, earthquakes and volcanoes.
  • Having a satellite or being part of a binary system is desirable, because it creates changes in the liquid part of the planet and also generate heat.

Keeping this in mind, in the next post, let’s imagine how the body shape should be to conform with those prerequisites and our four rules.


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