Analyzing the Earth

On our planet, the simpler life that still exists processes the sulfur oxides to obtain energy to stay alive, but as a consequence it releases oxygen.

These organisms must have been prevalent when life began on our planet, but as these organisms didn’t follow the third rule, they created the conditions of their own extinction, to know, they increased the amount of oxygen – a lethal gas for them – in our atmosphere. Unfortunately, being so simple, these organisms didn’t have enough consciousness to know this.

Being oxygen better for producing energy than sulfur, almost all the life after the initial period used oxygen as fuel to obtain energy, including ourselves.

But the key to making oxygen the main source of energy were the photosynthetic organisms that emerged after the oxygen consumers. These organisms have created a circular flow of oxygen making it available in our atmosphere at any time. In the absence of these organisms we will depend on the sulfur consumers to release our oxygen which means our atmosphere should have oxygen and sulfur at the same rate making it very acidic for our life.

As you can see on Earth, we have many forms of life, but a few intelligent ones (understanding intelligence as the ability to solve an abstract problem). Among them, one stands out, ourselves.

For example, when a cat, instead of chasing after a mouse, moves to a position ahead of the mouse to catch it, it is because the cat has calculated that the mouse will be in that position when he (the cat) gets there. In other words, it will be heading to where the mouse will be after a certain amount of time rather than heading to where the mouse is at the moment. This is abstract thinking and therefore intelligence.

But what makes us special among the intelligent forms of life on our planet?

Body shape, language and writing are the main.

Let’s understand each one in the next posts, but firstly we will analyze the environmental prerequisites.



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